St Giles present Sea King to the Duke of Cambridge

  The St Giles Trust, a wonderful London based charity who help rehabilitate ex-offenders,   commissioned a print and presented it to Prince William as thanks for his patronage of the charity during 2013.

87 Lower Marsh exhibition

A few images from 87 Lower Marsh – a pop up exhibition curated as a domestic show by Samia Calbayrac, taking place in a house in Waterloo from Monday 13 May to 3rd June. A collaboration between Breese Little and Julian Page Fine Art, this exhibition makes public an exciting selection of London’s current young art… Read more »

Arctic Circle Expedition 2014

I have been selected for a two week expeditionary residency on a boat in the Arctic Circle. I’m very excited to be joining fellow scientists, artists, writers and educators for Autumn 2014.

Tipping Point display – Behind the Scenes

Here are a few behind the scenes shots of Tipping Point, a temporary installation in the ASC Window Space which runs for a month between November and December 2012. The display explores the relationship between contemporary Western lifestyles and the balance of the Earth’s ecosystem. Arranged in a temporary installation, images can be read individually… Read more »