I was commissioned by the Trinity Session and VISA to run a series of art workshops in schools and to produce work in response to my experience with the kids. I was asked to explore the theme of the Olympics games with the children, particularly the Beijing theme “One world, one dream”. Recurring themes that… Read more »


I was invited by Tokara Wine Farm to create work using their wine as the primary medium. Every year Tokara celebrates the release of their new vintage wines by inviting up and coming artists to use their red wine as a means of encouraging new and creative methods of incorporating wine experience into art, and… Read more »

Interface, Guga’Sthebe, Langa – 2007

‘Interface – a surface forming a common boundary of 2 bodies, regions, or phases. The place at which (diverse) independent systems meet and communicate with each other.’ ‘Interface’ began with 100 blank canvases arranged on the wall at the arts and cultural centre Guga’Sthebe in Langa, Cape Town. The work evolved over the period of… Read more »

Guerrilla Studio, A living installation, Vida e

‘Guerrilla studio’ evolved out of my desire to explore new territory as an artist. The temporary “studio” I created became a space where the private art-making process was subject to the public eye, whilst my work was shaped by the unpredictability of the dynamic environment. The projects aim was to disrupt the routines of contemporary… Read more »