Instructions for Waiting

Past 13th April 2021
Liminal Projects - Online

Liminal Gallery is delighted to present their debut exhibition ‘Instructions For Waiting’ curated by Louise Fitzjohn.

2020 was the year we all waited. In a rare moment, the world stood still and life as we knew it was paused. As we continue to wait, Liminal Gallery asked artists to provide their Instructions For Waiting, instructions scribbled on a Post-It Note which viewers are encouraged to practice at their own leisure. These Instructions may be positive affirmations, a call to action, an activity; the exhibition aims to ease your pain in waiting and, at the very least, to pass some time before the wait finally comes to an end.

The exhibition forms part of a wider exhibition ‘The Waiting Place’ inspired by a Dr Seuss poem from one of his last books ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’ and curated by Ann-Marie James and Emily Godden, commissioned by The Art Station and supported by Arts Council England. The exhibition invites creatives from all fields to submit a postcard which responds to this very poignant poem. The exhibition will take place physically at The Art Station in Saxmundham, Suffolk as well as a digital platform during April 2021. More details will be announced shortly but join us digitally in the lead up to the exhibition across the following digital platforms:

Instagram: @the_waitingplace; @liminal_gallery