POLAR 2018 – A SCAR & IASC Conference

Past 19th June 2018, 14.00 - 15.30pm
Davos, Switzerland

In 2014 a group of visual artists sailed in a tall ship up the west coast of Svalbard. They all witnessed the same landscape, yet, as they filtered the experience through their individual thematic and aesthetic concerns, a series of translations occurred, across a range of media including photography, video and drawing. In response, seven of the artists developed That Which Cannot Be Transmitted, a project which considers how the process of translation can shape contemporary discourse about the Arctic. Exploring overlapping themes of temporality and the Anthropocene, three of these artists will each present their work.
Tamsin Relly works with the fluid and unpredictable qualities of printmaking and photography to disrupt the translation of landscape into image, and offer impressions of environments in states of uncertainty or impermanence.
Paper, lines and cutting are central to Sandra Kuehne´s practice. Printed materials such as polar maps are frequently used as media. Kuehne employs the variations of the line, its formal lyricism, but also challenges the absolute assertion of any printed map by making references to topography that is in continual flux.
Daniel Kukla´s work is informed by the intersection of his art practice and formal training in the biological and anthropological sciences. He is interested in the shifting tensions towards the natural world as our society expands with an insatiable appetite for resources.