Past 02 April - 05 May 2022
Informality, 11 Market Place, Henley on Thames, RG9 2AA

Informality is delighted to announce its upcoming presentation ‘Regeneration’, showing works by eight international artists bringing together multiple disciplines including Jamie North, Martine Poppe, Virginia Woods-Jack, Rebecca Partridge, Hannah Brown, Laura White, Tamara Dean and Tamsin Relly. ‘Regeneration’ aims to use Richard Taylor’s theory on Fractals as an instruction to investigate how artists and art can scientifically provide us with a way to regenerate.

Fractal, is a term that was originally coined in 1975 by Polish-born mathematician, Benoit Mandelbrot. Mandelbrot’s theory, later explored in its relationship to art by Taylor, provided an intersection between physics and art using simple mathematical rules to help us understand the laws of imagery that might otherwise read or present as too complex or chaotic. In 1999, an an expert of chaos and professor in physics, psychology and art at the University of Oregon published in a journal titled ‘Nature’, findings on why a series of abstract works created by Jackson Pollock in the 1950’s soothed viewers so much. Similarly, the artists carefully considered exhibiting in ‘Regeneration’ present works that are equal in dimension for us to scientifically relax. In his findings, Taylor found that we relieved stress or otherwise started to regenerate when viewing a mathematical dimension (D) read through our retina of a ratio between 1.3 and 1.5D. In nature, clouds, trees, branches, rivers and foliage are imagery that repeats the same ratio as the patterns which Taylor examined in Pollock’s series of works created in the 1950s. In Regeneration the artists aren’t just turning to our natural world as a source for a subject, they have also paved a way of looking and living, constantly appreciating the space around us.