Past 18 Jan - 03 Feb 2016
Gallery 8 / 8 Duke Street, London SW1Y 6BN

‘Vista brings together five artists each exploring different aspects of interior and exterior landscapes. Landscape has been a subject of fascination for artists for several centuries and this exhibition offers a series of fresh perspectives on how artists today are looking at the world around us. What unfolds is a conversation about how contemporary landscapes might be defined through works of art in painting, drawing, photography, print and sculpture.’

‘Vista offers the unique opportunity to engage with a variety of approaches to and views of landscape through the works of Tamsin Relly, Nick Bright, Marcus Jefferies, Bronwen Simone and Fontana Sleigh Reis.’

Bristol-based gallery Coates & Scarry  will be presenting this exhibition at their London space Gallery 8 on Duke Street in London.