But is it Art?

City Solicitor Maroulla Paul September 2014 United Kingdom

Maroulla Paul interviews Dani Humberstone and Tamsin Relly on the definition of art.


87a Lower Marsh pop-up exhibition

Rookie Creative Miranda Vane 6 June 2013 London, UK.

Miranda Vane reviews Pop-up exhibition at 87a Lower Marsh, a show curated by Samia Calbayrac  with work by Clarisse d’Arcimoles, Alexander Massouras, Camilla Emson, Tom Howse, Gabriella Boyd and Tamsin Relly.

‘Tamsin Relly’s apocalyptic work contemplates the future of our planet and the precarious relationship between mankind and nature. Drawing upon the artificially constructed habitats created in zoos around the world, Relly paints brittle landscapes in thin veils of grey and acid yellows that suggest the frailty of our natural world..’

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87a Lower Marsh

TREMORS Digby Warde Aldon May 2012 London, UK.

Digby Warde Aldon reviews Pop-up Exhibition at 87a Lower Marsh. ‘Elsewhere, Tamsin Relly’s prints and paintings enchant, quietly doomy but formally exquisite..’

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Exploring Relationships

The New Age Genna Gardini 1 February 2012 South Africa

Genna Gardini writes on work by Elisa Wessels and Tamsin Relly, on view side by side at Salon 91, Cape Town, South Africa, March 2012.

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Raw Talent

The Sunday Independent Malaika Bing 29 July 2007 South Africa