One of One

Tamsin Relly began this series of Polaroid photographs when she was invited to work with the medium by After Projects for One of One, a fundraising project in support of  Children And The Arts,

Relly took photographs in constructed botanical environments across the UK, including the Eden Project in Cornwall and the Barbican Conservatory and Chelsea Flower Show in London.

She experimented with two Polaroid cameras – a vintage Land Camera and One Step II. The Land Camera uses a slow 70iso film. Stable frames take on a rich velvet quality, giving those images in the series a feeling of a carefully crafted still life or vanitas oil painting. If moved whilst shooting, however, the film drags the light, blurring  the image. The One Step II uses a faster 600dpi film and enables multiple exposures in a single frame. These blurred, overexposed or layered images contribute to the inherently fleeting  – and at times faulty – nature of  the Polaroid medium. Subjects take on a sense of movement, hinting at the changing qualities of these live plants as well as the transience of their curated environments.