Tipping Point

In response to current global economic, social and ecological instability, Tipping Point explores the interrelationships between political and economic power structures, every day life and the exploitation of the planet.

Driven by profit or simply preoccupied by our own comforts, we all become complicit in extinction of species, acidified oceans and climate change. Specialists continue to warn that excessive environmental destruction is pushing the Earth toward a ‘tipping point’ that may cause sudden, profound and irreversible ecological shifts.

Drawing from snapshots of day-to-day life and images found in the media, Relly works with the fluid and unpredictable qualities of paint, to present impressions of urban and natural environments in states of uncertainty or degeneration.

Deserted coastal resorts, sinking cruise liners and bleak industrial landscapes hint at the vulnerability and impermanence of materialism while images of natural disasters, tar sands and industrial mining explosions echo the increasingly urgent alarm of a planet on fire.

In this temporary display, images could be read individually or in relation to the broader narrative.