Wind Horse

I was commissioned by the Trinity Session and VISA to run a series of art workshops in schools and to produce work in response to my experience with the kids. I was asked to explore with the children, the theme of the Olympics games and particularly the Beijing theme “One world, one dream”.

Recurring themes that surfaced during the workshops included peace, tolerance, understanding and human rights. Informed by this, the work draws on Tibetan prayer Flags, traditionally used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. It is believed that by hanging the flags in the elements, the “Wind Horse” will carry the depicted blessings into all pervading space, bringing benefit to all beings.

The images on these prayer flags, each intended as a blessing, explore the occupation of china in Tibet which came under the spotlight during the lead up to the Olympic games in Beijing. In reading the artwork from left to right, the prayer flags tell the story of the shift from Tibet to contemporary China, setting into question the potential impact of the growing ties between China and Africa.