The Pocantico Centre Residency

It was a privilege to work in the inspirational surroundings of The Pocantico Centre  with my fellow Arctic residents for a week. It was fascinating to see how everyone’s work had developed since the trip, and an interesting collaboration for all of us who are used to working independently in our practices.

The week was spent exploring the research and work that we have all made in response to our shared experience in Svalbard, and brainstorming the common themes within our practices in the hope that it will feed and enhance our individual and collective work.

Thank you to the staff at The Pocantico Centre for making our stay so wonderful, and special thanks to The Rockefeller Brother Fund for supporting the residency.

Photo-29-07-2015-17-13-55_Med 20150731_162144

Exploring our new home for a week.

Photo-01-08-2015-18-47-14_Med Photo-01-08-2015-19-00-45_Med

The Coach house – where we lived and worked.

Photo-30-07-2015-18-12-12_Med Photo-29-07-2015-11-35-13_MedPhoto-04-08-2015-11-04-18_Med

Novel for us each to have a post around a conference table. Katie Turnbull and Sandra Kuhne.

Photo-01-08-2015-17-12-28_Med Photo-01-08-2015-14-17-17_Med Photo-03-08-2015-13-59-51_Med Photo-29-07-2015-10-17-31_Med RBF_Kate_Med IMG_Med-9553

Conference ‘break out’ room turned studio.


Wonderful to have the RBF team around to see our work in progress.

Geoff Boeras finding temporary homes for his ‘future markers – for a rapidly changing world’.

Photo-31-07-2015-16-03-10_Med Photo-30-07-2015-23-05-29_Med photo-1_Med Photo-01-08-2015-20-20-41_Med Photo-29-07-2015-18-28-43_Med

Made full use of the glorious surroundings and held some of our meetings outside. We became especially fond of this look out point…


We found a zodiac! (Thanks Sandra Kuhne for the image-combo)

It was really special to be reunited and work with my fellow shipmates again, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the work that develops from this time together.

To see more of the artists work please visit their websites:

Daniel Kukla

Geoff Booras

Denise Iris

Sandra Kühne

Allison Rowe

Katie Turnbull