I was invited by the Johannesburg-based contemporary art production team, Trinity Sessions, in partnership with Visa, to run workshops across 10 schools – some private, some state – in the Cape Town area, as part of the Olympic-themed international art programme.


The aim was to introduce children to the Olympics through art by exploring this years theme: ‘One World, One Dream’. The top 50 entries of the children’s art were then exhibited alongside the work of the professional artists who led the workshops, with the work being auctioned off with the proceeds going towards art projects in schools.


It was an incredibly rewarding experience, and as you can see from some of the children’s work, they seemed to get a lot out of the programme.


Further details of the initiative can be found here.

2008-visa-one-world-one-dream_Web 6372

2008-visa-one-world-one-dream_Web 0682
2008-visa-one-world-one-dream_Web 0982 2008-visa-one-world-one-dream_Web 5874
2008-visa-one-world-one-dream_Web 5895
2008-visa-one-world-one-dream_Web-0519 2008-visa-one-world-one-dream_Web-6401 2008-visa-one-world-one-dream_Web

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